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design & execute an

the leading evidence-based, science-backed
INC. 5000-level revenue growth strategy system with a 'novel' SaaS online technology so entrepreneurs, sales teams, and managers flawlessly execute and greatly exceed their objectives 

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execute your strategy flawlessly

As set out above - only 13% of companies successfully execute their strategy every year. The challenge is to change that so that your company can be one of those 13% or better, and generate revenue growth that matches the revenue growth level of an INC. 5000 company.


That's our mission.

Most companies we've worked with believed if they have a business plan, that's all anyone needs to follow, to bring business in. A business plan is not an execution strategy any more than a P&L report will give you a picture of anything but the past. And what will that do for you when it's a month later than the period being reported?


A business plan might articulate the focus of the company but it doesn't tell a sales team specifically where they need to focus their actions. Execution is the RIGHT action taken at the RIGHT time.


When you're part of the nearly 90% of companies that fail to execute their strategy every year the biggest missing elements are Accountabilty and Integrity.

But not accountabilty as you and others might define it. Accountability and Integrity go hand in hand. Accountability is committing (promising) to consistently take specific actions by a specific date. Integrity is keeping the promise and measuring it - assigning a measureable value to it so it means something to people. And then it can be managed.

When a promise is made, that's a leading indicator of what is going to happen in your business in the future. The technolopgy to measure the promise and the execution give management an edge they have never had before. A P&L is a lagging indicator of performoance and you cant manage a P&L - you can't manage history.

There is no other management system available, anywhere else or in a book, that will give you the most powerful management tools to help yoiu and your sales team produce 7-digit revenue growth. 

We don't teach "accountability" to teams. We teach 'Promise-Based Management' and a by-product of that is people become Accountable and operate with Integrity. No accountability = no integrity. No integrity = no accountability

Your sales team deserves to have an executable strategy and a way to get there or beyond.

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Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy...
The Book That Tells The Truth About Strategy Execution and Why Your Team Struggles and Often Fails.



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'Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Ther Strategy -
and How Yours Can Be One of Them

Daniel F. Prosser
Can You and Your Team Generate INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth?

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take a science-based approach

Every year 87% of companies fail to fully execute their sales strategy. The reason for that level of failure has not been obvious to most... until we did the research.


Even though sales training itself has a failure rate of 87% as well (Harvard), it's not sales training that's the problem. With only 13% of companies successfully executing their strategy every year turnover is off the charts for many companies, and it all (obviously) results in underperforming salespeople who then, when the going gets tough - bail, and start looking for a safer more comfortable job, on Glassdoor.  There is a science (and art) to flawlessly executing a strategy. 

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For over 25 years we’ve used our own technology  and then taught other business owners and their sales teams how to generate radical INC. 5000-level revenue growth.


Our clients are established businesses with sales teams, currently producing gnorth of $1M EBITA


Over 87% of companies fail each year to fully execute their strategy for growth. You don’t need to be in that group.


Based on the award-winning book: “THIRTEENERS: Why Only 13% Of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy And How Yours Can Be One Of Them”.

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Our clients had tried just about everything they knew or could think of to boost sales and profits faster.


Sales managers and CEOs do what they know to bring sales into alignment with the plan for growth.


But in reality, that’s obviously not working when 87% of companies fail to make it happen. Through decades of experience with teams and managers, we realized this. So, we wrote the book, based on 2 years of research, and invented a technological (SaaS) approach which resulted in clients producing INC. 5000-level revenue growth and maybe a position on the INC. 5000.

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We're NOT Magicians. We don't pull rabbits out of hats. We evaluate your current strategy to see the growth you have been intending to take your company to and show you how to take it up several seemingly-impossible notches. We then introduce you to a scientific, evidence-based online  system you can’t get anywhere else.


Our goal is to design and implement a blueprint for accountability that becomes a core element of the value system that takes over your organization.


We make sure the system does what you say you want it to do and teach you how to manage the most effective  system you’ve NEVER heard of. It all happens very fast.

87% Of Strategic Plans Never Get Executed - Every Year (HBR).

During 22 Years of Mentoring Executives and Teams - We Learned Strategy Execution Needed a

Unique Breakthrough System:

So we Invented It. 

  1. A Novel, Radically Effective, Proven Strategy That You Will Never Find Anywhere Else or In Any Books.

  2. A Fool Proof Science-Backed 'Promise-Based Management Execution System'. 

  3. An Easy to Use, Evidence-Based, Online Accountability Scorecard® Management System That We Invented For Building INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth Companies.


87% of new sales skills are lost within a month of training.

You can run sales training all day, but if no one is retaining the information, it won't do you any good. It's interesting that 87% of sales training lasts a month. Also, 87% of companies fail to successfully execute their strategy every year. (both metrics - HBR)

ES Research findings reveal a stark reality: an overwhelming 85% to 90% of sales training proves to be transient, with no lasting impact beyond 120 days. Despite this, companies continue to allocate billions of dollars annually to sales training initiatives. This substantial financial investment often yields limited performance enhancements, offering, at best, only fleeting boosts in sales. This significant expenditure raises questions about the sustainability of current approaches to delivering enduring value to organizations.

(ES Research)


Much of this is due to the exclusion of stakeholders in the strategy planning process,  lack of ongoing reinforcement, insufficient customization to the sales team's needs, or a focus on generic techniques rather than addressing specific challenges.

What's The Solution?

Executable strategy design: Where employees have a say in the strategy they are going to be expected to execute so they own it.

An Existence System: We developed our SaaS online Promise-Based Management technology to continuously reinforce the actions that are required to execute a strategy that generates seemingly impossible revenue growth, by individuals, as part of a team. Our experience early on with clients showed us that strategic sales plans go out of existence not long after they are created so no one remembers what they say.

Transparent Accountability. Employees, of course, say they are committed to a plan that's their job to execute. But then something happens to the execution details of the plan - they are forgotten - they go out of existence – salespeople go back to the status quo - what they know and where they feel comfortable and safe. Even when people are expected to be count-on-able to take action it's not long until specific actions are not being performed so salespeople end up right back where they started. 

Strategic revenue growth (sales) plans have ZERO shelf life: Strategy is an ongoing process if designed properly and, of course, they should never end up on a shelf or in a drawer - yet that is where you find most all of the plans we had to go hunting for. They ideally need to be reviewed weekly (or at minimum, monthly) and modified by what is learned from members of the team in the field. But that's a difficult management challenge unless you have a well designed management system and process, and you have the technology so you can captures and modify the plan as it is being lived.


As mentors to CEOs and Revenue Growth Executives for the past two decades and having built and sold 3 successful businesses of our own, we know from experience that our clients need a simple, easily implemented, low-cost, solution that generates radical revenue growth – and does it starting NOW.

Our system is built so that it’s easy to learn, easy to use and no confusing bloat that takes yoiur IT staff to figure out. We use human behavior science to have a transformative behavioral impact on teams who are responsible for revenue growth - starting day one.


Our objective is to bring accountability into organizations in a non-threatening way while establishing a system for the growth of powerful teams – a team that will outperform the competition and become a force to be reckoned with.

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