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Revenue Growth That Previously Seemed Unattainable
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A strategy is not a business plan. It's a written charter that declares a future and identifies what's missing in each KRA of your company. The most effective strategies identify not a way to get to the goal but a gap that identifies what's missing in it- that if those 'missings' weren't missing you'll have reached the result your team(s) intend to produce.

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Accountability and Integrity go hand in hand. A team without a deep understanding of integrity can't even begin to be accountable.  Accountability is giving your word to take specific action and then being count-on-able to take it. It's a word-based concept. People who give their word and keep it are not only being responsible, but being accountable and capable of producing unprecedented results.

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Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Of course increased sales is an obvious source of revenue growth. But real growth is caused by a team with a strategy to take action. When a team flawlessly executes their strategy it's because they've taken ownership of the plan they had a part in creating.

A strategy without ownership is a waste of time.

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